Vision & Mission


Our vision is to promote biomedical research in Nepal by improving diagnosis, studying disease cause and dynamics and treatment efficacies so as to improve quality of human health.



Our mission is to explore potential areas of health and diseases that have higher risk to the community and pose constant challenges to the clinicians for diagnosis and treatment.



  1. Work closely in collaboration with the national and international health and research sectors/organizations or universities, medical centers or individual researchers for carrying multidisciplinary research.
  2. Study various communicable diseases and investigate their mechanisms of pathogenesis and transmission that help in, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Research in non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, metabolic and genetic disorders to contribute in prognosis, diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Study therapeutic application of domestic medicinal herbs and plants.
  5. Translation research for drug efficacy trials, antimicrobial and insecticide resistance, entomological studies, environmental influence on the drug resistance and human health.
  6. Provide platform for research and diagnosis as incubation center
  7. Conduct hands on laboratory exercises and workshops to train research students
  8. Conduct public health awareness programs for the health professionals and, communities.
  9. Provide consultancy services in health related areas to individuals and organizations Organize or participate in regular scientific seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences in collaboration with local and international societies.
  10. Publish work or study outcomes on peer reviewed journals.

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